Task 1: English Reading to Write – Reflection Blog

Language can be incorporated in various form of work such as through text and films. Both The Shoe-horn Sonata and Father and Daughter has evoked the power of language in terms of using a variety of literary techniques and also visual techniques in order to connect with the reader/viewer, by getting its message and purpose towards a certain audience, whether it is based on war experiences or family.

The Shoe-horn Sonata is a play which focuses on the the two main characters, Bridie and Sheila, as they faced many experiences and obstacles during the war with the Japanese. These experiences had led them to meet in the future, as they both shared what they went through in the war and experienced nostalgia as they listen. There are various quotes used in this play that evokes the power of language in order to connect to a certain audience. The first quote is quoted by Sheila, ‘I remember these toys came drifting by-tiny boats that really sailed and dolls with eyes that opened and stared.’ This quote used symbolism as the toys represented her childhood drifting away. Since she was only a child during the war, she was unable to live a normal life in her childhood due to the effects of war and losing her loved ones. The second quote, delivered by Bridie ‘The Japs began riding our huts. Ransacking everything- searching for diaries. They wanted no record of what they been doing.’ This quote expresses how the Japanese were cautious in terms of their actions, as this evidence was known to state on how Bridie and other nurses struggled as they were held hostage. This connects to the reader to show how certain events are handled, to leave no evidence behind. The final quote used was by Bridie “Twelve army nurses were ordered to attend the opening night of this… glorified brothel. We had no choice but to go.” The quote used ellipses in order to create tension and suspense, in order to prove how uneasy they were in their current situation. The words, ‘glorified brothel’ is an innuendo to show that the Japanese wanted sexual pleasure from the nurses, which shows that they treat them as if they were objects. These quotes show how both Bridie and Sheila endured the events that were thrown at them, in order to stay alive and their determination to express their thoughts on how the nurses should be appreciated through their efforts and struggles in war.

The short film ‘Father and Daughter’ was a visual representation on the relationship between a father and his daughter, but came to an end as he left her, rowing a boat down the seashore. this led to the girl waiting for her father as she believed he will return, without knowing that he can never return. There are various visual techniques used in order to connect with the audience, explaining the meaning and purpose of this short film. Symbolism is used throughout the film, where it is portrayed through the girl’s bike. The bike represents both the relationship and life of the girl, as she rode the bike her dad gave her, even after his departure when waiting for him. This proved how strong their bond was as she believed that her father would return and embraced her once more. But throughout the ilm, as the girl gets older, the bike starts to fall over, which evokes the thought of her dying in a matter of time. Throughout the film, time is a main factor shown through the girl getting older and through the changing in seasons. This expresses the thought of how many years the girl has waited for her father, insisting that he would return, through her actions and determination, no matter how many seasons and years that passed by. The tone and colour of the film represented the time period it was based on and what their form of communication and transport, and what it represented. The film was shown to have taken place in the early 1900s, from both their clothes, transport and how they communicate. Most likely taking place in the Great Depression, to which the father may have left her for work in order to provide. The tone and colour were used in order to express emotions and to represent the time period it was based on. It was shown to represent sadness and loneliness as she waited for her father, not knowing that he won’t return. Through the use of techniques, the film ‘Father and Daughter’ connects with their audience to show the relationship between a father and his daughter, which evokes the thought to not take our family for granted, as we won’t know when we will lose them.

Therefore, the power of language has been conveyed through these two forms, which expressed their stories, in order to communicate with their audience. Even though both stories talked about different events, they both achieved their purpose, which is to connect with their audience, to convey their meaning and purpose and why we should remember them.